A New Hope--er... Look

I only started this blog recently. A stock standard Blogger template was a fairly natural choice at the time. Since then I've slowly modified it by:

  • adding social news links;
  • adding StackOverflow flair;
  • making the title more SEO friendly; and
  • adding rudimentary support code posting code snippets.

But it was always my plan to make this blog a little less generic-looking and here is the result!

I decided that I wanted a three column layout with the content on the far left. I also wanted it to be fairly "light", clean and modern. I stumbled across the most excellent Dilectio template and that's what you see here now. I envision customizing it further in days to come.

Still on the list is adding Syntax Highlighter and that should hopefully happen shortly.

Please let me know what you think and how you find the new look.

This is the old site:

Apologies for the broken comments! Now fixed.


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